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We’ve been married for over 2 years now – and while we’re still learning everyday – we’d like to share some of our thoughts on what’s made our married life a success. We’ve seen these work ourselves, and with our friends and family. Whether you’re a newly-wed or not-yet-wed, you should find something here!

Some of these may actually seem quite obvious – but just hearing them from someone else can often solidify the idea!

1) Always be will to take things on good humor together. Sometimes you need to let go and laugh at yourselves, each other, the situation or just life in general. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine!

Here’s a great real-life example – the other day I finished cooking and called my Husband for dinner. He took his time coming down from the office; so I felt it was time to pay him back. I hid behind the door and scared the living daylights out of him he passed through – We laughed all evening about it! Make each other laugh as much as you can.

2) Never make assumptions. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are required to be psychic. You never really know that your partner wants unless you ask them.

On the flip-side – they’ll never know what you really want if you don’t honestly tell them! Clear communication is the key to success. And if you can’t be honest and straightforward with the person you plan to spend the rest of your life – then with who can you be?

3) Never go to sleep Angry. Even seemingly perfect marriages have their ups and downs, and occasional arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship. The trick is to fight the problem – not each other.

Even in anger, you’re still a team and it’s up to both of you to work on issues together. Don’t let things go on or let them stew – strike while the iron is hot and get issues resolved quickly so you have more time to enjoy each others company!

4) It’s not a competition. For us, it’s unbelievable to see this even with long-term married couples.

Don’t keep score. There’s no need to keep track of wins and losses or do things 1-for-1. Who has put the bin out, or who had made dinner last night? Everybody needs to play their part and help out, but it doesn’t have to turn into war!

Compromise isn’t always rigidly 50/50 either. Doing things for each other should be about showing your love for them – not because you expect something back.

5) Continue to Date each other. Just because you got married doesn’t mean that have to stop trying!

Time is the ‘currency’ of successful relationships – ‘budget’ time together for regular Date-Nights! Make time for each other – it’s the best way to invest in your relationship!

Also, try and leave the phone behind! Make some time to hear what your partner needs to say – without checking your Instagram.

6) Never lie to each other. You need to be able to trust your partner – otherwise, it just won’t work, at all. If they know you just as well as you know them, then they’ll probably know that you are keeping something from them.

And last but not least… tell them how much you love them and care for them. Remind them how great this adventure is that you are both taking together, and that you would choose them again a thousand of times!

Nothing makes a marriage more successful then both of you knowing you are loved.

Photo credit to SarahHarrisPhoto