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Addressing Wedding envelopes

Envelope Addressing is one of must-have stationery add-ons that we offer to our couples. Not only is one of the bigger time-savers, it is often the best way to give your stationery that final finishing touch that you are looking for.

We offer both Hand Written Calligraphy and Digital printed Envelope Addressing on all of our stationery suites which include envelopes – so we have an style option for every budget.

That means that your Wedding Invitations, Save-the-Date, RSVP and Thank You card Envelopes can all be addressed for you. You would not believe how much stress this can bring if you try to do it yourself!

Regardless of which style that you choose; this kind of addressing is much more elegant and personal than a stamp or label – and keeps in theme perfectly with your Wedding Stationery Suite design.


Inner Envelope Addressing

If you’re Invitation Suite comes with an inner Envelope, we can address this with the Individual Guest names. The outer Envelope is then addressed with Guest and Return Addressing. See an example below:

Outer Guest and Return Addressing

These are available for Wedding Invitations, Save-the-Dates and Thank You Cards Envelopes. The front will contain your Guests’ addresses, while the reverse features your return address. See an example below:

Response Addressing

This is available for RSVP Envelopes, so your Guests can mail their response back to you. We’ll print your trusted point-of-contact’s address on the front of the envelope, so your guests will just need to stamp and ship. See an example below:


Digitally printed Envelope Addressing

With this style, we’ll use the very same fonts that are used throughout your Wedding Invitation Suite, with either a complimentary or the same ink color, depending on your choice of Envelope. These will tie-in directly with your Wedding Vision, keeping a cohesive style throughout.

Hand Lettering Calligraphy Addressing

With this addressing style, we can use address your envelopes in either our Classic, Modern or Watercolor styles. As these items are hand-written there are minor variations in the text/letter/flourishes, which lends each envelope it’s own special character.

Regardless of which set you choose, we’ll send you an excel template and guide so you can easily format the addresses exactly as they need to be.

If you’d still prefer to address your own Envelopes – that’s no problem! As part of our blog post for choosing the Perfect Invitation (here) – Tip no.4 has the information you’ll need before starting!

Photo credit to Photos By GRG