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Diana and Michael came to us very soon after they got engaged, enquiring about Wedding Stationery for their big day. As we talked about their theme and vision, 1 phrase that stood out to us was “Luxurious Elegance”.

Diana adored our Acrylic invitations, and after receiving one of our sample suites, it seemed like her heart was set! She wanted to take the design up a notch, so we worked with her to create an exquisite design that would be printed on Acrylic Suite – perfectly tying into her soon-to-be fairytale wedding.

We asked Diana to tell us a little more about their love story, and let me tell you – I am just in love with it and them! You can literally feel the love they have for each other from the words they wrote. I want to take this time to share their journey with you.

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The engagement was a total surprise and Diana will never forget December 10th 2017, when Michael, while ¨being away on the other side of the country for work¨, had cooked up the most magical and romantic proposal possible.

Having been called to work in the morning, Diana thought she would spend the evening relaxing in their cozy apartment. However, she got a call from her cousin who claimed to be in desperate need of a friend; so right after leaving work she headed to the hotel where her cousin worked, to meet her for dinner and to help out.

Diana and her cousin were having a great time when her cousin´s manager came up to their table and explained that the hotel had hosted the most beautiful holiday party ever the night before in their upstairs ballroom and that they could check it out if they wanted. This particular ballroom was Diana’s favorite and everything a true romantic at heart could ever wish for – ceiling to floor windows that overview the whole city – truly magical.

Her cousin nonchalantly answered “if we have time, maybe.” As expected, Diana insisted in going upstairs to look!

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As soon as the elevator doors opened up, Diana felt Michael´s hands grasping her eyes tightly so that she couldn’t see, and told her to just keep walking.

It was in this moment that she realized what was happening and burst into happy tears. When he uncovered her eyes, there he was standing in front of her, down on one knee, with huge “MARRY ME” balloons behind him. To her amazement, as if this memorable moment couldn’t be even more magical, through those crystal clear ballroom windows she could see the season´s first snowfall was beginning. Through the tears of joy and happiness, Diana let loose a heartfelt ¨Yes!¨ from the top of her lungs, while looking at the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

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Fast forward a couple of months, Diana and Michael were having the fairy tale wedding they had imagined and worked on for so long! The ceremony itself took place at the Slavic Pentecostal Church and it’s there that Michael and Diana exchanged their heartfelt vows. In the wedding planning process, this was the only thing that they never discussed, as they both knew they just couldn’t have their ceremony anywhere else.

Diana had a strong connection with this church, as she grew up in there, and had previously seen it go from a construction zone to a house of prayer. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she had spent countless hours in there. Whether it be church service, kids camp, bible school, or any other occasion, the Slavic Pentecostal Church was home for her. As every little girl dreaming about her princess-like wedding, Diana had also been decorating in her mind this beautiful church every Sunday, since she was 10 years old. And all of her ideas starting with “on my wedding day I will …” had finally become a reality.

There they were…feeling nervous (even though they had promised themselves not to be) and so excited at the same time – having their first look at the altar. Not only did they love getting to see each other all dressed up but it was also the first time that day when they were able to truly be in the moment and enjoy themselves. When Diana saw Michael, she realized how insanely happy she was to get to marry her best friend.

This was a little contrasting to the night before – as Diana had spent the night before her wedding in tears due to the severe thunderstorms set to cover her big day. Her mom sat with her all night, comforting her that it will all work out. The first thing Diana asked her mom as soon as she woke up, was to tell her what the weather was like. As every mom would do, she walked up to her bed and told her that “it rained a little last night, but might be clearing up”. Diana would learn a few hours later that it was one of the worst thunderstorms that the city had experienced in a long time! As Diana started to get ready with her bridesmaids, it was nothing short of everything she’d always imagined. And soon enough, it even stopped raining!

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As every loving bride, Diana wanted to surprise her soon-to-be-husband with something he had only dreamed about. About a year before they got married, Michael fell in LOVE with alpacas. So just before the ceremony, Diana stunned Michael with a memorable gift – an actual alpaca! Needless to say that this was a moment none of them will ever forget, as the whole place was flooded with laughter – and even to this day, it is definitely one of their favorite memories of their wedding day.

After the heartwarming ceremony, the reception took place in Wintergarden. As Diana is an utmost perfectionist, she wanted to check out the reception before all the guests arrived, in case anything needed to be fixed or needed her finishing touch. To her surprise, when she first walked into the Wintergarden, she burst into tears, as she couldn’t believe that the most exquisite and detailed wedding she’d ever been to – would be her very own.

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Everything exceeded her expectations and far greater than she ever could have imagined! She was utterly speechless and blown away.

The food was spectacular and the incredibly friendly staff was like part of the family. Diana´s mother, who is a pastry chef, had prepared all of the desserts, as well as the wedding cake. What else could you wish for as a bride, than having the amazing taste of your childhood sweets on your most special day?

Right after their most special day, Diana and Michael headed to the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain for their Honeymoon. They spent 2 weeks soaking up the sun and each other’s company, before jetting off to Paris.

It was there that their photographer Viktoriya Chuprov @viktoriyachuprov met them again, to take their post-wedding photos. The breathtaking views of the most romantic city in the world was a spectacular backdrop for Diana’s Wedding Gown. She and her family had ever-so-carefully packed it into a suitcase for this trip. Like all good things in life – a group effort made it possible!

If you’d like to see more about their big day, you can head to @everythingdiane to check out the amazing photos of the happiest day of their lives.

It was an honor to be a part of their Happily ever after and we wish them the absolute best in their journey together. Viva los novios!

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The Vendors who made this dream wedding happen are: 
Bride: @everythingdiane 
Stationery: Lettering By GRG 
Photographer: Viktoriya Chuprov 
Wedding Cake: @dream_cakes_bylucy 
Venue: Winter Garden 
Wedding Shoes: Manoloblahnik