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Top 5 Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Seattle Wedding Photographer

Services like photography are intangible. Unlike with other Wedding Vendors (Florists, Caterers, Calligraphers, etc…) you can’t see the resulting Photographs until well after the event is over. In your search for the perfect Wedding Photographer, it’s of the utmost importance that your do careful research when trying to make your choice. It’s just as important to know what to avoid, as well as that to look for!

To help make this endeavour a little easier, we’ve asked Sarah Harris (an extremely talented Photographer based in Seattle) to give you a rundown of the 5 most common mistakes that you can avoid. Armed with these, you’ll most certainly have the Wedding Photos and keepsake album of your dreams!

There is so much excitement in planning your wedding day. It is a day that some couples spend over a year planning every little detail, and that day comes and goes so much faster than you will have anticipated. Those magical moments will be ones you want to relive over and over again tangibly through your wedding photos. Because of the importance of this, we’ve compiled the top five mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding photographer so you can avoid them.

1. Not Hiring a Professional Photographer
It may seem like a very appealing idea to save a bit of money on the wedding budget by having your friend or family member with a “good” camera take your wedding photos. Unfortunately, that good feeling will only last until the moment you receive the images from you wedding day, or in a lot of cases when you don’t ever see a single photo. Photography is one of the elements of your wedding where you absolutely get what you pay for. A professional photographer has experience capturing weddings, understands the ever changing lighting of a wedding day and how to use it, adjusts to the unexpected unscripted moments of the day, and always carries back-up camera gear in the event of a breakdown. Be sure to ask yourself how important the memories of your big day are to you when you are choosing a photographer.

2. Waiting Too Long to Book Your Photographer
Because photography is one of the very first vendors couples book for their wedding day, photographers tend to book up fast—sometimes a year or more in advance. If you have a dream photographer, it is so important that you book them as soon as you have your date chosen. Nothing is more frustrating in wedding planning than finding a photographer you love only to find out that they booked your date weeks ago.

3. Not Choosing a Photographer You Connect With
In your wedding photographer search, look for photographer who is friendly, organized and professional. Make a point to set up an in person consultation or a video call before booking to get a true sense for who the photographer is and vice versa. The photographer you choose should be someone you like, who you trust, and someone who’s personality combines well with yours. That genuine connection enables the photographer to capture your love and joy in a way that emanates from each image.

4. Falling for Popular Photography Trends
Your wedding photos will become heirlooms. They will be cherished by your family for generations. So, it is critical your wedding images stand the test of time. We all love a good trend, but we all know they go as quickly as they came in. When choosing your wedding photography, consider a photographer that has a very timeless shooting style and an editing style that is classically representative of the the subject (YOU!) yet detailed.

5. Not Having a Second Photographer
A second photographer may seem like an unnecessary addition to your photography budget, but there are a lot of reasons why it is a good idea to add one to your photography package. Having two photographers means you’ll have two different vantage points of the same moment— the first look, the first kiss, and candids of your guests in those special moments, etc. If your timeline in a bit tight, a second photographer can really help alleviate a lot of stress for everyone involved by being able to be in a second place at the same time capturing those moments that are so important to you as a couple. If guest candids are a priority on your shot list, then a second photographer is absolutely the way to go. Decide what the most important elements of your day are that you want captured, compare with your day-of timeline and discuss with your photographer, and this will help you determine whether a second photographer is a necessary addition.

Thank you so much Sarah for your expert Advice! If you’re looking for your Wedding Photos to be timeless, authentic and romantic then you need to check out Sarah Harris Photography.

Sarah is one of the trusted Vendors from our Vendor Guide and we wholeheartedly recommend her amazing work!