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Top 5 Wedding Invitation trends for 2019.

Over the last few years we’ve always stayed ahead of the top trends for the seasons, and our brides know that no matter vision they have in mind; we can keep up with their ideas and help them stay-on-top of the latest Wedding Stationery Suite Trends.

Lead-in 2019 is going to see a little change of pace compared to 2018. Here’s our Top-5 Trend tips that we know are going to dominate this year!

Custom Illustration

You’ve booked *the* perfect venue – wouldn’t it be great to feature it in your Wedding Invitations? Custom illustrations – for example Venue Sketches – are a beautiful way to integrate your Venue’s beauty and charm into your Stationery Suite design. No matter whether it’s a classic Chateau in Northern France or a stalwart Castle on the West coast of Ireland – we can create a custom sketch and integrate it seamlessly into your Wedding Stationery Suite.

Custom maps are also a fantastic way to bring your venue’s location into the fold. We can create personalized maps with the highways, streets and landmarks of your choosing – so your guests know exactly where the party is!

These custom details are what really take the personalization of your Stationery Suites to the next level – in a way that your Guests will never forget.

Wedding Monograms & Duograms

Monograms were strong throughout 2018, and we’re seeing more ornate versions this year, as well as the expanded Duograms. As the name suggests, Duograms contain an initial from each member of the happy couple.

They are a classic detail and are a fantastic way to bring a sense of Tradition to your design. We can integrate them into everything, from the Save-the-Dates, RSVP Cards, Wedding Invitations, Menus, Place Cards, Favor Tags as well as those final Thank You Cards. This ensures that your custom-designed Wedding Invitation Suite will have a strong and cohesive design throughout.

Handmade Cotton Paper

Success is all in the fine details – and there’s no finer details than the beautiful soft-velvety texture of Hand-made Cotton Paper and the feathery-soft features of it’s deckled edges.

The lightly textured page is a fantastic springboard for any design and especially works well with Romantic and Classical stylings. The deckled edges ensure that every page has its own personality, as well as beautifully framing your Wedding Invitation.

All-Calligraphy Designs

Speaking of Classical and Romantic stylings – all-calligraphy designs are going to be strong this year. The hand-written form, gentle angle of inclination and the variable width bring a european renaissance feeling, while the flourishes can be varied in strength according to your vision.

(PS. If you love the hand-calligraphy but are not sure about a whole suite, you can order just the envelope addressing done by hand! See here for all of our Envelope addressing options)

Transparent & Semi-Transparent

Our final Trend for 2019 is crystal clear. Semi-opaque and Transparent mediums like Vellum Paper and Acrylic are a fantastic way to add a modern twist to a classic design.

Acrylic Invitations allow us to take a design and add an extra wow-factor. The sheet thickness is the perfect balance between weight and stability, so your Invitations will stand-up for themselves.

Semi-Opaque Invitations created on a Vellum Sheet bring an extra touch of elegance. The almost-see through nature adds a sense of gentleness, without impacting on legibility.

And there you have it. 5 Top Trends that will be the forefront of Wedding Stationery Suite style for this coming year. If the sounds of any of the Trends we’ve listed fit with your Wedding Theme or personal vision – we would love to hear from you! Click the contact us button below to get in touch, and we’ll help you execute your vision, in the right way.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can checkout our Portfolio.

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