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How can I save money using RSVP cards? Today we are telling you a secret that not many couples know!

RSVP / Response Cards are an essential part of your Stationery Suite. While they look gorgeous, they also have one very specific function – they allow you to confirm exactly how many people are attending your Wedding.

This might seem obvious, but for many people knowing the real headcount of attendees can have a massive financial impact. From the most humble events all the way to the most luxurious Weddings, staying on budget is always a factor and a worry.

Knowing how many guests (and plus ones) are attending allows you to accurately spend on:

– The correct amount of seating and types of meals

– Buy enough party favors

– Arrange satisfactory amounts Wine

– Block-book plenty of accommodation

– Arrange sufficient parking

– Have your venue organize sufficient wait-staff

Each one of these items can have quite larges costs associated with them, so being able to save a little bit on each of them adds up to a significant cost saving in total!

We’ve heard of many cases from friends, family and former coworkers who got married – where they spent 20-30% extra than they needed to, as they were catering to guests who didn’t show up. Without confirming the menus choices and head count in advance, they ended up dramatically overspending on extra meals of each type, extra bottles of wine and their venues charged for extra waitstaff who didn’t need to be there.

In addition to the financial headache afterwards, they were also left with a lot of wasted food, wine bottles and party favors that they’d never use again.

Had they of used an RSVP card in their Stationery Suite, they could have confirmed attendance and entée decisions; saving themselves quite a lot of money as they would have be focusing on just catering to those who would actually attend.

RSVP cards are a great investment for financial savvy Couples. Don’t let yourself get caught out – Email me at to talk about your Wedding Requirements and how we can help you with our Stationery Suites.

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